• Aug 24 , 2017

    Diversity In Real Dollars And Sense

    Our President, Kenneth L. Johnson, penned his inaugural article for Forbes: Diversity In Real Dollars and Sense

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  • Aug 24 , 2017

    East Coast Executives Mock Interview Session in Harlem

    On August 18th my firm hosted The East Coast Executives Mock Interview Workshop in Harlem, NY. I remain humbled by the outpouring of support that we received from the The New York Urban League, WeWork Harlem and the volunteers from CVS, Revolt, ADP, Penguin Random House, The National Urban League, ...

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  • May 31 , 2016

    Kenneth L. Johnson, BEMM 2016 100 Men of Distinction

    100 FEATURESBE Modern Man: Meet “Mr. Executive” Kenneth L. Johnson By Tyrus Townsend | May 27, 2016Name: Kenneth L. Johnson Age: 47 Profession: President of East Coast Executives | Diversity Recruiter | Staffing Specialist | Luxury Retail Recruiter | Career Coach One Word That Describes You: Exceptional What does being one of the BEMM 100 Men of Distinction mean ...

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  • May 16 , 2016

    ECE Career Search Workshop June 7th in Philly

    Invest in your career... This workshop is a unique opportunity for motivated career seekers who wish to secure their "dream job". For those who are committed to putting their best foot forward for the upcoming hiring season , this session is for you. Executive Recruiter and Career Search Expert, Kenneth L. ...

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  • Apr 7 , 2016

    Job Search Survival 3.0

    By: Kenneth L. Johnson For those interested in finding suitable work or advancing their careers, establishing your brand is as much a part of the process as the process itself. In the current “Web-Based-Social Media Crazed” world we live in people assume this means simply establishing a consistent and professional ...

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  • Mar 24 , 2016

    Job Seeker or Career Seeker? It's in the results!

    By: Kenneth L. Johnson Part of what we do at East Coast Executives is “course correct” job seekers and get them to restructure their job search and transition into a strategic career search. When done correctly the results are life altering. We call it the Career vs. Job Dilemma. It ...

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  • Mar 16 , 2016

    5 Hacks to Conquer the Dreaded Panel Interview

    By: Kenneth L. Johnson You finally received the call…after months of targeting company decision makers, submitting online applications for positions that match your skill-set and diligently following company social media feeds…the time has come. They’ve called to schedule an interview! The person on the other line begins ...

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  • Feb 14 , 2016

    5 Hacks to Avoid Workplace Burn-Out...

    By: Kenneth L. Johnson I recently had a client tell me that they were ready to “Blow-Up” at work. After a brief shared chuckle, I requested that they elaborate and tell me what ignited the near “Blow Up”. The response was surprising, not due to its seemingly insignificant nature but ...

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  • Feb 11 , 2016

    Is the fear of networking killing your job search?

    By: Kenneth L. Johnson A recent study reports that nearly 50% of HR Managers predict that resumes will be a thing of the past and be replaced by social-networking profiles and personal websites. When Talent Acquisition Professionals see a candidate of interest, most immediately conduct a Google and LinkedIn search to ...

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  • Jan 26 , 2016

    5 resume rules you should use immediately!

    Immediately after releasing my most recent article “10 words to keep off of your resume”, I received a text message from one of my closest friends, Angela Thompson. Angela, always the provider of excellent ideas since our college days at The University of Pittsburgh, requested that I inform my readers of “10 ...

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  • Jan 25 , 2016

    10 words to keep off your resume...

    10 words to keep off your resume Surveys report that the average Recruiter spends 6-8 seconds viewing a resume. I know that sounds like a scare tactic but believe me it’s true. So we went out and spoke to some of the most successful Executive Recruiters, Staffing Specialists and Internal ...

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  • Dec 16 , 2015

    Still searching for your hidden job market?

    By: Kenneth L. Johnson I recently read some articles from around the country and shared some conversations with my peers around the topic of career search. The consensus seems to be that 80+% of the individuals that are receiving offers of employment have identified these opportunities through what is considered the "...

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