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10 words to keep off your resume...


10 words to keep off your resume

Surveys report that the average Recruiter spends 6-8 seconds viewing a resume. I know that sounds like a scare tactic but believe me it’s true. So we went out and spoke to some of the most successful Executive Recruiters, Staffing Specialists and Internal Recruiters in our marketplace and asked them a very simple question…Why? Why do you spend so little time on a resume when a candidate can often spend hours customizing the document to make a favorable impression?

The simple and most consistent answer we received was “because we’re really busy and we can often receive hundreds of resumes for each position…this makes it imperative that a candidate catch our attention at the start”. As the discussion became more conversational a single glaring element began to evolve as the immediate trigger to resume rejection. There were a group of words that often resulted in an immediate loss of interest by the recruiter and subsequently an unfavorable initial review of a candidates resume. So if you want your resume to have some staying power and fight the good fight, avoid using the “10 Most Overused Resume Words”.

1. Responsible
2. Creative
3. Effective
4. Analytical
5. Innovative
6. Motivated
7. Strategic
8. Organizational
9. Driven
10. Expert

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