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5 Hacks to Avoid Workplace Burn-Out...


By: Kenneth L. Johnson

I recently had a client tell me that they were ready to “Blow-Up” at work. After a brief shared chuckle, I requested that they elaborate and tell me what ignited the near “Blow Up”. The response was surprising, not due to its seemingly insignificant nature but just because in the big scheme of things it appeared to be something that could be easily resolved with some minor changes and improved communication among the work group.

I believe this scenario and similar ones tend to be commonplace in the 2016 workplace. With increased workloads and stagnant paychecks, American workers are feeling the pressure and this often results in the before mentioned “Blow Up”. While the role of a manager should be to remain continually cognizant of employee workloads, overtime, and burnout, it’s also your individual responsibility to decrease your workplace triggers as well. A segment of your career management strategy should focus on how to avoid the burnout and stay effective in your position. Here are 5 tips to help you avoid the work “Blow Up”.

1. Use your PTO: If your position offers Paid Time Off use it
2. Take on new projects outside of your department
3. Ask for help
4. Take a daily break from techn

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