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5 resume rules you should use immediately!


Immediately after releasing my most recent article “10 words to keep off of your resume”, I received a text message from one of my closest friends, Angela Thompson. Angela, always the provider of excellent ideas since our college days at The University of Pittsburgh, requested that I inform my readers of “10 words to put on your resume”.

I’m not sure that there are 10 all encompassing words that should be strategically placed on every resume but I do believe that there are 5 resume rules that always need to be taken under consideration.

1. Recruiters like quantifiable statements…numbers. If you earned or saved your company money, add that dollar amount to the resume bullet.

2. A “Headline”, always use a positioning statement that completely explains where you add value and what the title is that most represents your skill-set.

3. Accomplishments, if you have received an award or have an accomplishment that distinguishes you as a top performer at your former or current employer…list it!

4. Technical skills: Any software or industry specific technology that you have worked with and developed some level of proficiency in needs to be positioned strategically on your resume.

5. Accurate contact information. This point appears to be a no-brainer but you would be surprised at the number of resumes we receive that have mis-information or no contact information at all. Don’t make this mistake…it’s a resume killer.

Follow these rules and watch your response rate go up as savvy recruiters and hiring managers begin to notice that you have separated yourself from the pile of mundane resumes being forwarded by the masses on a daily basis.

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