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Still searching for your hidden job market?


By: Kenneth L. Johnson

I recently read some articles from around the country and shared some conversations with my peers around the topic of career search. The consensus seems to be that 80+% of the individuals that are receiving offers of employment have identified these opportunities through what is considered the "Hidden Job Market". I've always believed that people create their own luck and that most success is a result of being prepared for the opportunity to present your uniqueness when the time comes. The difference is that some people speed up the "opportunity calendar" by being proactive. Most recruiters are in a constant search for "employment" opportunities but usually they are designed with others in mind. This approach is equally adaptable for hiring managers and job seekers alike. So I've condensed my approach to 10 Steps for the purpose of revealing your own personal "hidden job market". Enjoy!

1. Do a self assessment (Be clear on what type of position your skills qualify you for).

2. Do a personal resume assessment and a personal on-line assessment.

3. Make a list of companies and company contacts that cater to your background and/or interest and research them.

4. Comprise a list of anyone you know who works for any of the companies on your list (item 2) and make them aware of your interest.

5. Use the information received from items 3 & 4 to make your contact sheet.

6. Strategically reach out to these contacts via email, LinkedIn, Twitter, company Facebook pages and networking events.

7. Market aggressively but don't be a stalker (remember developing professional relationships is the secondary goal here).

8. Follow Up

9. Be prepared for success when your opportunity arrives


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