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Who the *%*# are you?


By: Kenneth L. Johnson

What do you say when asked...tell me about yourself or who are you?

At East Coast Executives, we like to tell our Career Coaching clients that they are in the “Business of U”. If you are not looking at yourself, your skill-set, your uniqueness as components of your personal brand and using a “Brand U” statement to deliver’re missing out on the opportunity to make your mark. It is imperative that you let people know exactly who you are and a great Branding Statement is the key.

Ok…some of you are wondering “What is a Brand U Statement”. It’s the new-age version of an Elevator Pitch. Simply a statement (30 seconds or less) that provides the listener with a brief introduction on whom you are. The difference in the Brand You version is that it must be personalized, passionate and position you as an industry insider.

The only way to successfully pull this off and entice the desired response from your listener is to be flawless in your presentation of the "Brand U" statement. This means...practice. As I created my unique Branding Statement designed to position my self as a Diversity Recruitment leader, I would constantly recite my introduction, rewriting it on my PC & iPhone, practicing and replacing words to perfect the message so it would effortlessly roll off of my tongue. I believe that there are 5 Tips to Creating a great Brand U Statement.

Here they are...

1. Know Yourself: What makes you interesting, what is unique about you? The point of the pitch is to intrigue the listener. You need to have a hook and that hook needs to be uniquely yours.

2. Simple Leads to Success: This is not a biography. Make your statement simple. It will be delivered in 30 seconds or less and should be no longer than a paragraph.

3. Allow for change: Design your statement to be modular. It should be simple but interchangeable. Remember it’s not your unique proposition that is changing it’s your audience. Each interaction should have its own desired outcome.

4. Excite to Entice: A conversation involves the sharing of information. Deliver a statement that leaves the listener wanting more. Be passionate about who you are --- if you’re not, they definitely won’t be.

5. Listen: Most importantly, listen and close. Remember your goal is to create an opportunity to continue the exchange. Ask for the opportunity to follow-up.

Now start creating you personal success commercial!

Founder & President, Kenneth L. Johnson, is the #1 ranked diversity recruiter as recognized by Google search engines and has positioned East Coast Executives as the only real choice for Diversity Recruiting and Employment Services.