Career Seekers Show

The Career Seekers Show

Date, Time & Location: July 11, 2018 @ 4:00 PM EST on 106.5 FM WPPM Philadelphia, Streaming at

Host: Kenneth L. Johnson, The World's Leading Diversity Recruiter

Co-Host: Tiffany Southerland (Founder @ Four Corners Coaching) & Alberta Blum

Scheduled Guest: Stephanie Humphrey "Tech Life Steph"

Careers in Tech, "Til Death Do You Tweet" Training Program, STEM Careers

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Kenneth Johnson

Host & Exec. Producer

Tiffany Southerland


Alberta Blum


Founder & President, Kenneth L. Johnson, is the #1 ranked diversity recruiter as recognized by Google search engines and has positioned East Coast Executives as the only real choice for Diversity Recruiting and Employment Services.